2 Categories of Content for Developer Brands

2 Categories of Content for Developer Brands

Ignore Creating Anything Else

If you are a brand looking to reach developers, there are 2 categories of content your brand needs to be creating.

  1. Current Customers

    This is content to help your current customers take advantage of all the features or services available. Make content to help your current customers love your product. Your customers will be happy when they can easily find documentation about the product.
    This category of content has 2 primary goals.
    Answering common questions. This reduces the number of support requests.
    Turning customers into fans. Once customers become fans, they turn into marketers for your product.

  2. Future Customers

    Create content to attract future customers. Before doing this, you need to understand who the future customers are. Spend time narrowing down exactly what developers you are hoping to attract. Is it developers with database difficulties? Is it developer managers? Is it tech leads?
    Once the persona of a future customer is narrowed down, begin creating content to solve her problems. Or create content to pique her interest. Be very narrow at this point and always focus on that future customer.

The type (audio, video, text, images) of content you create is your choice, but it must focus on one of these 2 categories. If it does not fit in either category, then you do not need to create it.